Based on the results of the retention analysis conducted in 2007-2008, improvement of academic advising emerged as the highest campus priority necessary for a more positive student experience at CSUMB.

In Fall 2008, Provost Kathryn Cruz-Uribe charged the Academic Advising project group to:

  1. Identify current issues with academic advising at CSUMB, as well as key performance indicators of effective advising
  2. Develop and propose to the Provost a concrete, accountable system of academic advising for both the lower division and upper division that will lead to demonstrable improvements, including numbers of students served and progress made toward degree completion
  3. To monitor and evaluate the phased implementation of an advising plan with measurable deliverables and milestones.
Participants in the Academic Advising Group include:

Brian Simmons
Dean, College of Professional Studies
Grace Cardenas Leal
Director, Academic and Career Advising Services
Sheila Hernandez Registrar
Kathy Pederson Graduation Counselor
Sharon Anderson Faculty, Division of Science and Environmental Policy
Suzanne Kroeze Faculty, School of Business
Jennifer Dyer-Seymour Faculty, Divison of Social and Behavioral Sciences