Program / Services Review is a cyclical process divided into four main parts:

  1. Detailed program / services review planning
  2. The assembly and submission of a Program / Services Review Portfolio (includes both the self-study and external review)
  3. A committee report that provides feedback and informs the development of a Program Improvement Plan
  4. A Program Improvement Plan

The bulk of the work occurs during the first three semesters of the 7 year review cycle.  At the end of the first three semesters, the Program Improvement Plan and the feedback report from the Review Committee are attached to the front of the Program / Services Review Portfolio.  The complete set of documents are then stored in both the divisional office and within the department/unit following its review.

Biannual update reports on the progress of the implementation of the Program Improvement Plan are submitted to the AVP in Academic Affairs.

The flow of Program/Services Review work is as follows:

Semester 1
Program plans portfolio and conducts self-study

Semester 2
External Review is completed; then, Program Portfolio is compiled and submitted

Semester 3
Program/Services Review Committee reviews Portfolio; then, Program/Unit develops Program Improvement Plan

Semester 4 - 14
Program/Unit implements the Program Improvement Plan and completes biannual update reports to be submitted to their Dean/AVP and to their Vice President